CAMP HOLLYWOOD: LiLo Learns to Write

How cool! Lindsay Lohan will pen a new “tell-all” book very soon. Probably after she learns how to put down her booze and crayons and actually learn grammar, writing skills and how to hold a pen. God knows her schooling can’t be all that hot when you learn it on the set of “Herbie Fully Loaded”. I don’t speak Volkswagen, do you?

So, how does the first chapter go? Read more »

Thamsanqa Jantjie

POLITILICIOUS: Fake signer’s hubris trumps only Obama’s

Who would have thought someone could have more huevos rancheros than our own arrogant “selfie-taking” President? I’m pleased to report, the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral officially takes the cake! Saying he was experiencing a Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Brucey will soon be Lucy

He wants to get rid of his Adam’s Apple? And, he’s sporting a pony tail…and not a cool one. It’s kinda like if you gave The Rock a weave. Blech, in a word! And, these acts are not even the FIRST steps in transgender reassignment, like the article claims.

The FIRST act was when Kris castrated Bruce years ago! I have long thought Kris Jenner was a lesbian. I worked for her Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Kanye heckled by Kim’s Klone

When Kanye EVER figures out the world doesn’t revolve around him, look for him in a tower with a high-powered rifle, cuz Yeezus isn’t going to be able to deal! Let’s review, shall we? Here are the points made in this video:

1.  Some Kim K. look-alike screamed for Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Jenny McCarthy takes it on the Chen

While I wanted to be immediately snarky about Julie Chen, as per usual, I actually agree with her on this. You’re right, Julie: NOBODY wants to hear Jenny McCarthy waxing philosophical on political issues! Which begs the question: Why would anyone want Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Gisele Bundchen Does the Mani-Style-Feed

Talk about multi-tasking! Breastfeeding, getting your hair done and getting a manicure all at the same time…how does she DO it? My question is:  Does she not have a servant to Read more »

VH1 Big In '06 Awards - Arrivals

CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Linda Hogan rides Paul Walker’s coattails

First, Linda Hogan probably wanted to date Paul Walker. Second, how pathetic is this bimbo to try to get press off of a tragedy? You sure were quiet when your son crashed his car street racing and injured his Read more »


POLITILICIOUS: Obama poses for “selfie” at Mandela’s funeral

Obviously, Obama watches TMZ! Just when you thought his level of disrespect couldn’t get any higher, our moronic President posed for a selfie with two other idiot leaders at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. UK Prime Minister Cameron and Dutch Prime Minister Thorning-Schmidt posed with Obama as if they were

Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Producer finally does his best work

Sure, he looks like a psychotic homeless terrifying bum….but, he’s just a Reality tv  producer who duped the country over a fake argument he had with Read more »


CAMP HOLLYWOOD: Adele Splurges on Same Car as Miley

Adele, whom I love, is worth $55 million and just dropped $100K British pounds on a custom Porsche Cayenne. It’s reported that this is the exact car that Miley Cyrus also has. I’m assuming Adele’s will be a smoother ride than Miley’s car which twerks on down the road! I’m also assuming the driver’s seat might have some different Read more »

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